In Memoriam of:

Ofek Atun

Age: 24

From: Holon

In Loving Memory of the Innocent Souls Taken Too Soon. United in peace, their light shines on in the hearts left behind. October 7, 2023, a day of sorrow, but their memories guide us toward a hopeful tomorrow.

Ofek, z"l,  was only 24 years old, when he was killed during the Oct. 7 massacre as he was fleeing the Nova music festival. He died protecting his girlfriend, Tamar, who survived. 
Ofek was the youngest son of Nitza and Meir Haim, brother of Tal and Eden and Leo's most beloved uncle in the world.

He studied at Nitsanim School and Yigal Alon Division and high school at the Kiryat Sharet campus.

He wanted, like his brother, to be a combat soldier, and chose combat engineering.

After his army service, he worked at a gas station where his management talent was discovered.
He loved trance music, dancing, playing, creating, being a DJ.
The DJ station is the most important item in Ofek's room.
Some of its walls are covered with sponge sheets, to reduce the noise from the music.
Most of all, he loved trance music.
When he came back from work, he used to sit down in his station, close the door behind him, and outside the sounds of the beat echoed: boom, boom, boom trach. This music flowed in his veins.
He sat for hours in the room and created his own melodies.
One of the friends is trying to remove Ofek's works from the disk on key.

On social networks he was Kiko (Kikooficial_1). This nickname was given to him by his mother, and his friends adopted it.

Kiko was full of purpose. From the age of 14-15 he did not stop working.
He started in maintenance in 2000 and progressed to team management. Between shifts he also worked in gardening.

Even on vacations from the army he came to work daily.

"Why do you work so hard?" his mother would ask him, "What, are you hungry for bread?"

But that's how he was. He wanted financial independence. He didnt want to be dependent.

After his two brothers served in the "Kfir" unit, he chose combat engineering.

He has the misfortune to be released with the outbreak of the corona virus. His planned trip after the army was canceled, but not Kiko as he mmediately went to work. He started as a favorite in two Delek branches in Herzliya and very quickly he was entrusted with branch management.

Kiko saw the opportunity, and aspired to own his own gas station with a partner. He wanted to be independent. Work hard and alone. Not in the box. But the bank did not grant the financing to the young man and the move was not successful. That's when he arrived at the "Falafel B'Ribua" branch in Givatayim. The branch that was facing closure, the owners told "Sheva", became one of the most successful in the country, thanks to Ofek.

A warm boy from the day he was born. Hugged everyone especially his mom. Didnt utter a curse. Very accepted in society.

Despite problems with attention and concentration, he graduated from high school on his own. He forged himself. When his heart was broken by unrequited love, his mother wanted to encourage him, to strengthen him, and he said, "She is the one who lost me." She wanted to strengthen him and came out strengthened.

The wardrobe reveals a unique style. Clothes with presence.

Kiko liked to look good. He loved freedom and nature, many jeep trips in Israel, and many trips abroad.
Last year he visited Amsterdam. In August, about two months before Black Sabbath, he went out with a friend to the "Boom Festival" that takes place every year in Portugal.
They landed in Spain, rented a caravan and arrived for a whole week of parties. He was so happy.
He planned to celebrate his girlfriend Tamar's birthday in Italy and has already booked a ski trip with friends for the month of March.

He celebrated the Nova festival with his girlfriend, Tamar. The two managed to escape to Kibbutz Alumim where he desperatly tried to protect himself and Tamar. He was tragically misidentified as a Hamas terrorist and mistakingly killed by the Kibbutz First Response Unit. 



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Remembrances of Ofek Atun

A life beautifully lived deserves to be beautifully remembered.

Here we celebrate the memories, the joys, and the life of Ofek Atun.