In Memoriam of:

Liav Atiya

Age: 25

From: Beer Sheva

In Loving Memory of the Innocent Souls Taken Too Soon. United in peace, their light shines on in the hearts left behind. October 7, 2023, a day of sorrow, but their memories guide us toward a hopeful tomorrow.

Liav Atiya, from Be'er Sheva, a fighter in Battalion 6623 fell in battle in the Gaza Strip. He is survived by his parents - Rivka Orit and David, a sister and three brothers.

Ofir, one of the Liav's best friends: "Liav was my best friend from the age of 8, we studied elementary school in Manit school and high school in Meikif Alef. Yesterday we already received the message that he fell. He was a third-year civil engineering student at Sami Shimon and worked as a security team leader at the factory."

At Meikif High School 1 in Be'er Sheva they paid tribute to him: "We will remember Liav as a boy who stood out in his qualities, his values, a lover of humanity, caring, pleasant, with a sense of humor, sociable and full of giving."

Beer Sheva theater actor Oren Cohen said that he met Atia in 2016, during the staging of the production "Mika Sheli", which he directed: "I cast you for the role of "Captain Marum", a fighter, a handsome, manly officer - the most beautiful Israeli. It was the perfect role for you. Many years have passed since then, there are always those who enter your heart, who connect to your soul, you were such a lover, always smiling."

His fellow soldiers came to the funeral as some of them came straight from the hospital where they are hospitalized after being wounded in the battles. His mother Rivka paid tribute to him: "We do not understand the magnitude of the disaster. Breathless, unable to understand that we will no longer be able to hug you. We hope that you were not killed in vain, but for our ability to exist in this country, so that we and our children can continue to live here. I am sure that you are watching. We ask you to support Hadar, your partner, who has been with you throughout this war. Liav, today I salute you for leaving us here, and we are proud of you."
His sister Sagit: "It is important for us that everyone knows what a hero of Israel you were. A true warrior. You were all for the country, the salt of the earth. Always remember that my dear brother died for the holiness of God, so that we and our descendants can live here. Because we have no other country. Now you are up among the royal slain."
His brother Matan paid tribute to him: "I believed that we would all finish this war as brothers. But I was wrong. My little brother - and he is bigger than all of them."
"The war is not over yet. Now there will be a war with us. You still have a lot of work to do. Take care of us and the fighters in the field, make sure that they come back unlike you. That they come back alive," said brother Nathaniel. "Your friends are still fighting. Take care of them."

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