In Memoriam of:

Galit Carbona

Age: 66

In Loving Memory of the Innocent Souls Taken Too Soon. United in peace, their light shines on in the hearts left behind. October 7, 2023, a day of sorrow, but their memories guide us toward a hopeful tomorrow.

Galit Carbone, 66, an Australian-Israeli citizen, was murdered by Hamas terrorists during their killing spree in Kibbutz Be’eri on October 7.

She is the only known Australian national to have been killed in the attack. Born and raised in Sydney, Carbone moved to Israel with her family when she was 11 years old.

Her brother, Danny Majzner, who lived on the same kibbutz, told 7NEWS Australia that Galit called him around noon — hours after the onslaught began — and said she heard the terrorists approaching.

“And that was the end. I didn’t hear anything from her afterwards,” he said.

Galit’s daughter, Maya Carbone said at her funeral that she would remember her mother as loving and generous.

“You were always full of love, of helping, of nonchalance and of giving,” she said, according to the Australian ABC network. “You taught us to look at the world with wonder and you taught us values. You pushed us to be independent and reminded us to be ourselves.”

Roee Majzner, her nephew, said Galit “was a lovely woman, a kind woman… we will be strong for her kids, and for her grandsons, this is our duty right now.”

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Remembrances of Galit Carbona

A life beautifully lived deserves to be beautifully remembered.

Here we celebrate the memories, the joys, and the life of Galit Carbona.

We became friends during my 2nd spell as a volunteer on Be'eri in Aug 1980 - Aug 81.
You liked to recite English nursery rhymes, which we did together. I remember going into a field of Watermelons, breaking them open and eating the flesh as we squatted in the field.
Although we didn't keep in contact I have often thought of you and have a happy memories and photos of us during our younger and carefree days.

By: Judith Baron , Kibbutz be'eri volunteer and friend

From: UK