In Memoriam of:

Danielle Ben-Senyor

Age: 34

In Loving Memory of the Innocent Souls Taken Too Soon. United in peace, their light shines on in the hearts left behind. October 7, 2023, a day of sorrow, but their memories guide us toward a hopeful tomorrow.

Danielle z'l was murdered at the 'Nova' music festival in Kibbutz Re'im by Hamas terrorists. Danielle worked at the festival with a group of event organizers. 

Ben-Senyor, 34, grew up in Los Angeles. She loved California, but both of her parents were ailing and she wanted them to be around family members in Israel. She used several spellings of her name in English, Riki said, but preferred Danielle Ben-Senyor.

During the pandemic, Ben-Senyor worked as an intensive-care nurse at a hospital in Tel Aviv, then decided to change careers. Her dream job was to organize and promote concerts like the Tribe of Nova festival where she was killed. Heading to the concert with friends was “the first time in so long she was going to just relax and dance,” Riki said.


She lived in both Israel and the US during different periods over the years and received a degree in nursing from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Her aunt, Clara, told NPR that Ben Senior had been living in Los Angeles, and moved back to Israel recently to help take care of her parents.

“She loved music. She loved dancing. She loved nature. She loved life. She loved people. She was a very special girl,” Clara said. “She was part of us, and she was like a flower blooming. And they took our flower.”

Her brother Shay wrote on Facebook thanking “all those who came to pay their respects to my sister Daniel — thank you to those I knew and those I did not. Thank you for the hugs, the words, the encouragement and the hope. In times like this, we must stay united.”

Her cousin, Ran Ben-Senior, told NBC that Daniel “had a big heart and a big smile and always tried to help.”

On Facebook, her friend Mirka Gershenson said they were childhood best friends, recalling their experiences together in first and second grade.

“Our homes were across from each other… I would be in my back yard and she would be in her front yard,” she wrote. “We would yell across to one another about meeting in the middle and hanging out… Dani and her family have been such a big part of my childhood. My heart aches for her family. My heart aches for her. The world lost a beam of light.”
Source: The Times of Israel 

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