In Memoriam of:

Abed al-Karim Al-Nassasra

Age: 48

From: Seifa

In Loving Memory of the Innocent Souls Taken Too Soon. United in peace, their light shines on in the hearts left behind. October 7, 2023, a day of sorrow, but their memories guide us toward a hopeful tomorrow.

Abed al-Karim Al-Nassasra, z"l, from the Beduin village of Seifa, was murdered by Hamas terrorists when he tried to rescue revelers from the nature party near Re'im. He was married and had six children.

He brought festivalgoers into Nova on Friday evening and stayed waiting near Re'im. At half past six in the morning he started hearing the commotion and tried to go in to take the people who were traveling with him.

"On the first day we didn't know what was going on with him and we thought he had been kidnapped," said his relative. "It was only after a few days that we found out that he died. Abed was a great person, who always thought of others and wanted to help. When someone needed help, he would leave everything and come. His children keep asking when dad is coming back."

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Remembrances of Abed al-Karim Al-Nassasra

A life beautifully lived deserves to be beautifully remembered.

Here we celebrate the memories, the joys, and the life of Abed al-Karim Al-Nassasra.